Excel like UI with in-place edition and issue creation

You can edit all the cells (issue fields) inline

Excel like filtering and sorting

You can filter and sort without JQL knowledge just like in MS Excel

No. of Comments and Attachments columns

You can see the number of Comments and Attachments for an issue

Hide/Unhide columns

It does not touch the datasource, so every user can have their nique view.

Copy-paste issues and values

You can copy paste values or even whole issues internally and also to/from MS Excel

Average/Count/Sum of the selected cells

Average/Count/Sum of the selected cells

Data bars

Visualize your numeric columns with colorful data bars.

Aggregates row for numeric columns

See the Minimum, Maximum, Average or Sum of each numeric column

Column renaming and resizing

You can rename and resize any column

Column freeze

You can freeze columns

Tab coloring

You can color the title of your workbooks

Flag rows (like in MS Outlook)

You can flag issues like in MS Outlook


Export (with comments, images and attachments)

You can export your issues with the comments, images and attachments

Import issues from MS Excel

You can import issues from MS Excel into JExcel

Calculated columns

Create columns that are derived from other columns or constant numbers.

“Change history” of cells

You can see the change history of a particular cell

Google Spreadsheet-like collaboration

You can see who is working on a workbook in real time and contact them

Quick links for comments

Double-clicking on the comment cell will open the comment section of the sidebar.

Fast filter for columns

Hold „Alt” and „Left-click” in a cell to easily filter by its data.

Undo (still to come)

You will be able to revert cell content changes

Access restrictions (still to come)

You will be able to see your workbooks in Folders and control access to them

Cell Commenting (still to come)

You will be able to comment on any cells!

Sensitive Data (still to come)

You will be able to hide the content of a column even from System Administrators

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