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Best Business Password Manager for 2023

Companies often warn users not to store passwords in Jira. It’s also risky to rely on users to manage company passwords themselves. Although you can add your identity provider to Atlassian and use your own password policy, managing shared passwords requires a different solution. If you want to share a password, you need to store it somewhere safe first. The passwords you store in Jira can be accessed by others who shouldn’t see these secrets.


Store passwords in PassMan Password Manager to be able to use super secure login links instead of plain text passwords in Jira. We guarantee that only users with the right permission will access the passwords!

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  • Professional permission management
  • Automatic login when visiting saved websites in Jira
  • 1-click login with hidden passwords (secure sharing)
  • Automatic password generation and change (reset)
  • Detailed audit logs (also to SIEMs)
  • Reports and e-mail notifications

Password Manager for Jira

Cloud / Data Center

Password Manager for Jira Cloud & Data Center

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PassMan permanently erases risky password management practices by providing a secure vault for credentials.

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