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New feature

  • Copy one cell to multiple cells (PRO ONLY)


  • JIRA 7.4.3 compatibility
  • Improved filtering for single-choice custom fields
  • Improved filtering for multiple-choice custom fields
  • Improved experience when adding a new column


  • Issue type error when creating a new issue
  • Several minor and major bugfixes
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New feature

  • Copy one cell to multiple cells (PRO ONLY)


  • Improved filtering for single-choice custom fields
  • Improved filtering for multiple-choice custom fields
  • Improved experience when adding a new column


  • Issue type error when creating a new issue
  • Several minor and major bugfixes



  • Improved export of Portfolio plugin fields


  • Critical bugfix for JIRA 6.x systems
  • Fix for exporting attachments
  • Minor UI enhancements


New features:

  • Data bars
    With data bars, you can visualize your numeric columns.
  • Aggregates row
    See the Minimum, Maximum, Average or Sum of each numeric column
  • Hide/show columns
    It lets every user have a unique view of their workbook without affecting other users of the given workbook.
  • Workbooks grouped by owners
    This will help you to find your workbooks faster.
  • Open comments/attachments faster
    Double-clicking on the comments or the attachments cell will automatically open the comments/attacments section of the sidebar.
  • Private, shared and public workbooks
    From now only the authorized users can open your workbooks since their visibility are inherited from the filter of the given workbook.


  • Several minor and major bugfixes


New features

  • Fast filter for columns
    A brand new and extremely fast data filtering method. Hold „Alt” and „Left-click” in a cell to easily filter by its data.
  • Hide/Unhide columns
    It lets every user have a unique view of their workbook without affecting other users of the given workbook.
  • Workbooks listed by owners
    This will help you to find your workbooks faster.
  • Quick links for comments
    Double-clicking on the comment cell will automatically open the comment section of the sidebar.
  • Private, shared and public workbooks
    As the first step of introducing workbook access control into JExcel, from now only the authorized users can open your workbooks since their visibility are inherited from the filter of the given workbook.
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  • Exporting date fields – Date fields are exported in Excels built-in date format in 24h format (now you can change date format in Excel sheets)
  • Exporting username columns & visualization in grid – Username columns display username and user ID
  • Supporting additional custom fields – The Issue Alternative Assignee plugin custom field is integrated into the grid


  • Minor bugfixes
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  • Quikfix for critical bug under certain environments (JIRA 6.X)



  • JIRA 7.3.x compatibility
  • Export – Redesigned process for improved performance
  • Export – During export special characters are removed from workbook name to ensure compatibility
  • Import – Now you can import issue links (see Documentation)
  • Creating workbook – JIRA Filters are now organized into folders
  • Workbooks – Now you can display up to 100 issues per page


  • Minor bugfixes



• Export – Link type is also exported in the Linked Issues column


• Due Date column now can be added
• Workbooks maintain column orders even in multiple languages
• Minor bugfixes



• JIRA 7.2.x compatibility
• Column reordering without reloading Workbook
• Import data can now be edited after pasting content
• Copy&Paste data in import dialog works during editing
• Export feature is enabled with some limitations
• Excel export: Better visuals in exported XLS
• Excel export: Numbers and dates are now formatted properly
• Excel export: Auto-filter is enabled in first line (column names)
• Excel export: auto-SUM row
• Excel/HTML: Keys are now formatted as links
• Support for Dynamic Forms plugin
• Details panel improvements


Certain limitations on:
• number of open columns,
• number of open workbooks
• import and export
• copy-paste capabilities


• Fixing error (red dialog) when trying to import certain fields
• Bugfix for filtering Single Select custom fields
• Various other minor and major bugfixes


New Features

  • User Experience enhancements (like better guidance for Importing issues)

Various Bugfixes

  • Fixed critical bug (when workbook displayed 0 issues)
  • Several minor bugfixes


New Features

  • Design improvements

Various Bugfixes

  • Various minor bugfixes


New Features

  • New option for Enhanced Export (Only in JExcel PRO)
    from now on you can choose to export all the issues in your workbook, or only the filtered ones.

Various Bugfixes

  • Date field display format now obeys to your JIRA settings
  • Import problems with date fields on non-English systems
  • Several other major and minor bugfixes.


  • Performance improvements on workbook loading (In JExcel PRO – coming soon into JExcel Lite)
    Loading big workbooks are 2-4 times faster now!
  • Enhanced Export (with images, comments and attachments) (Only in JExcel PRO)
    Export your workbooks to a pretty print XLSX or HTML…
    Also your attachments, images, comments into a well organized ZIP file! 
  • Change history of cells (Only in JExcel PRO)
    Check who, when and what changed in your Workbook!
  • Collaboration (Only in JExcel PRO)
    You can see who is working on the same Workbook and contact them or invite others!
  • Safari support
    We introduced support for Safari browser beside Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox!
  • Documentation
    JExcel documentation is finally available here.

Various Bugfixes

  • Number custom fields were not ordered properly
  • Missing “IE not supported” warning message
  • Wrong file extension when exporting files
  • JIRA filters created while JExcel is open can’t be used for new workbooks
  • Several other major and minor bugfixes.


  • Optimised Workbook Loading
    Loading big workbooks has never been easier. We have stabilised some processes in order for JExcel to be able to handle worbooks with more than 2000 issues.
  • Various Bugfixes
    Just a little fine-tuning before the big release.


  • Optimised for Laptops
    Now you can safely view and show JExcel to your collagues while on a small-screen laptop.
  • Various Bugfixes
    We fixed a couple of bugs our dear users had reported – mostly annoying little anomalies. Now JExcel is more stable and more effective before the big 2.0.0 release.


  • Bulk Update
    JIRA’s bulk update feature is great to modify or move any number of issues quickly and efficiently. JExcel now brings you the ability to select issues and only with a press of a button, you can go to JIRA’s bulk update screen.
  • Better Export
    Now exporting has become faster and more reliable with better formatted columns. While copy&paste can also be used to “export” selected cells from JExcel, the export feature does it for the whole workbook.
  • Flag Rows (like in MS Outlook)
    Often it’s hard to scan through issues in a big table and spot the issue you need: we’ll aim to make your job easier with 4 different-coloured flags. Of course, it wouldn’t be JExcel if you could not filter these flags for maximum efficiency.
  • Number of Attachments
    Sometimes you are just looking for an issue with that 7+ attachment your boss mentioned … but what was its name … ? Just quickly filter issues that have more than 7 attachments. There. You’ve found it.
  • Number of Comments
    It is now possible to see how many comments an issue has, only by looking at the “Number of Comments” column on the left.
  • Filtering Workbooks to Open
    Do you have 100s of workbooks? We often do. Now you can look for them in the open dialog – if you can remember the name of the workbook.
  • Permalinks
    Have you ever wished to share the link of a particular workbook with your colleague? Now you can. Just copy the link of your workbook and send it via email or Skype – or just bookmark it.
  • Rate & Vote
    We are on the verge of introducing new pro features to JExcel. While the basic shall always remain free, more functionality shall not. Yet you can shape the future of JExcel by voting for new features and share your ideas with us. That’s what our vote dialog is for.
  • Donate Us
    JExcel is free. It shall always be free. No compromises. However it costs money to develop it. Now you have the option to honour this work if you wish so. Pay as you like – that’s our motto (in this case).


  • Cancelling Load
    Sometimes it is inevitable to create a huge WorkBook with 10,000+ issues and all the columns that are available. But it takes a long time to load all of it. Just cancel the loading process any time and move to another workbook.
  • Performance Warning
    Sadly computers are not powerful enough to handle the full might of JExcel. It is recommended not to go above 5000 issues and 20 columns. However if you ever forget it, there are all sorts of notes in JExcel about it now.
  • About
    If you ever need to know what version of JExcel you’re using just select About from the Jexcel menu.
  • Workbook Name in Title
    Tabs… Everybody uses a lot of browser tabs nowdays… So now you can see the name of your active WorkBook in you browser’s tab. It’s long overdue.
  • Linked Issues
    Some like it simple, some like it complex: if you want/need/must link and interconnect your issues, now you can either list them in a column or view all of them in the sidebar.
  • Internal Server Error Handling
    Every once-in-a-while a server error occurs. It may be our fault or a complete power outage. Most probably though it is a special custom field we have not met yet and JExcel can’t handle it. When something like this happens it should not stop you from using JExcel. Click “Close Workbook” and keep working.
  • Hide JExcel Menu
    Business users and developers can and should use JIRA. Everything’s connected, handled and logged. However while business users love JExcel, developers might not need it: just name a group in JExcel’s configuration page (Add-Ons screen) who should not see it.
  • Hide Column
    If you have 40 columns and you need to quickly hide just one, you no longer need to look it up in the “Add Column” menu: just hide it using the column header menu.


  • Sidebar
    Would you like to see all information about an issue, just like in the detail view of Issue Navigator? You’re in luck because from this version on you can. It’s a fully functional, resizable panel showing everything you need with shortcuts and you can edit anything that you are allowed to by JIRA.
  • Supress E-mail Notifications
    When you fast-edit issues in a project with JExcel, you might want to stop notifying everyone about all the tiny edits you made. You can set notifications on issue edition and issue deletion on the Settings panel.
  • Open the Sidebar with F4
    The sidebar in JExcel is a great way to browse through the details of a selected issue. Some like to keep it closed and only open it when needed. That’s why we assigned a shortcut (F4) to opening and closing it.
  • Selecting Project for WorkBook
    When creating JEXcel we aimed to make an editor that has no limits. Sadly this means we don’t exactly know what Projects you use unless you created your WorkBook by selecting specific projects. Now you can select the projects you wish to deal with in your WorkBook on the Settings panel.
  • Redesigned Sub-Task Column
    The Issue Navigator is a great tool but it has its tiny shortcomings. Take the sub-task column for example: you can see the list of the issue keys of your sub-tasks but nothing more. While it is our goal not to change the functionality of Jexcel’s Issue Navigator likeness too much, in this case we did: now you can see the list of your subtasks with their issue keys and summary.


  • Easy Sub-Task Creation
    Simplifying the creation of subtasks can greatly enhance productivity and allows you to be more creative with your workflow. Just right-click on any issue and click on “Create Sub-Task”: JExcel puts all the information into the Ever Present Row that it needs to create a subtask. Just come up with a good name.
  • Parent Issue Key Ordering
    Would you like to see your issues together with their sub-tasks? Then now is the time to click on the order button in your Parent Issue Key column header. Voila: your “hiearchy is there”. Of course you can filter out what you don’t need. For example you can quickly list issues that don’t have sub-tasks.
  • JExcel Goes Full Screen
    Sometimes you just have to concentrate on work. For those times there is the “Hide JIRA Menu” button. Combined with your browser’s full screen setting (F11) you can get rid of all the distraction and immerse yourself in your project(s).
  • Quick Workflow
    If you ever need to quickly set the status of your issues, now you can just double click or press enter in the Status column and select the desired status. Much to our sadness, setting statuses is too complex to allow copy&paste.


  • Feedback Button
    Since quite a lot of people decided to help us and give feedback we made it even easier to do so by putting a Feedback button at the up-right corner. Just click on it and you’ll find yourself in your email client, writing a mail that is addressed to
    It is always important for us that JExcel can be used as fast as possible. Now you can use the above-mentioned keys to quickly handle dialogs and other popups.
  • CTRL + A
    In case you don’t know or forget that you can select all issues in JExcel by pressing the control + A buttons or you like using your mouse to do it, just righ-click on any cell and then “Select All” from the context menu.
  • Less Annoying Warnings
    It is important for JExcel to warn you when you’re trying to do something you can’t, however it is also important for us not to annoy you with it. Therefore all warning messages moved to the bottom of the JExcel spreadsheet.
  • Spinning Spinner
    When you create an issue or edit one, JIRA needs time to process your request and take care of everything in this complex system. While you can still edit other issues, JExcel shows you that JIRA is working in the background.


  • Delete on Issue Key
    When you press the delete button in a cell, it’ll erease it’s content or set it back to the default value. Only pressing delete in a Summary cell can delete an issue. From this version, if you presse delete in an Issue Key cell you can achieve the same result. Now you have two columns to play with.
  • Service Desk, Tempo and JIRA Agile Column Support
    Now JExcel can display, edit and delete all sorts of custom fields these above-mentioned plugins create and work with.
  • Copy&Paste
    From now on, it is possible to Paste issues previously copied from Excel or any sort of text editor application. When you copy and paste issues (or import) you can see a detailed report if something went wrong during the pasting process.
  • Colour Your Tabs
    Often colours are a great way to group together WorkBooks or just to highlight an important project.
  • Average, Count, Sum
    Just like in Excel, if you select one or more cells, JExcel tries to show you the number of cells you selected, along with the average and sum of the values it finds in all these cells.


  • JIRA Column Support
    JExcel can open any column that JIRA Issue Navigator can.
  • Quick Tutorial
    Every time you open JExcel you can browse through our quick tutorial as long as you don’t tell it not to show up again.
  • JExcel Menu
    You can find all you need to use JExcel by clicking on the menu in the JIRA navigation bar.
  • Sorting and Filter
    You can sort a column (only one) and filter out any issues. It is important to note that all your sorting and filtering is saved with the WorkBook for you to continue where you left off where you previously closed the WorkBook.
  • Ever Present Row
    Quicly create issues by turning on the Ever Present Row, fill out all mandatory fields and press enter.
  • Export and Print
    If you need to export your issues or print them, just use the WorkBook menu and choose your favourite format.
  • Paging
    It is hard to display thousands of issues, but you can handle them faster by selecting how many you wish to display on one page.
  • Filter of this WorkBook
    A JExcel WorkBook is based on a JIRA filter that you can edit using the Issue Navigator. You can further refine what issues you wish to load with your WorkBook by editing and saving your filter.
  • Editing Issues
    You can edit any field or custom field that you are permitted to do so. If not, JExcel will notify you.
  • Reordering Tabs and Columns
    For full flexibility, you can set the order of all your WorkBooks and columns so you can customise your JExcel experience.