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As Gold Solution Partners, we are highly trained and committed to Atlassian practice and delivering value to our customers.

Let’s work together to be more effective, creative and productive than ever before! Our Atlassian experts are masters at helping you in the following topics:

  • consulting
  • Atlassian license reselling
  • deployment
  • training
  • support
  • add-on development

Our Atlassian Services

Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Confluence


Get the best Atlassian solution!

It all starts with business needs. If you have a specific problem or a new business process that your company wants to launch, we will listen to your needs and recommend the proper Atlassian products.

If we can’t find the right solution in the Atlassian portfolio, we will look into the official accessories. If you are still not covered, we can even develop the solution you want.



Achieve more through customization!

From custom integrations to deployment strategies, we will help you get the most out of your Atlassian product for better collaboration.

In the most customization processes, only a minor modification or a new add-on is needed. But sometimes our team really needs to show off to get things on the right track. We are excited to put these solution together through continuous consultation.



Speed up your learning process!

Boost your Atlassian product skills or become a power user of Atlassian’s groundbreaking software solutions! Our Atlassian masters will share the best-practices, so that you can speed up your learning process by our real-world field experience!

Trainings are available both at administrator and user levels in English and Hungarian now with 70% off to support teamwork even from home!


What’s more?


We can help you get the most out of your Atlassian software. To ensure smooth product use and team communications, we  provide standby, basic and contracted support under unique SLA terms for products above.

Do you experience malfunction? Do you want to make sure you get answers as soon as possible? We can help through fix or flexible hours!


License sales

As Atlassian Gold Solution Partners, we resell and renew Atlassian product and add-on licences around the world.

If you purchase your license from us, you will not only become an Atlassian customer, but you can also enjoy moderate prices and real-word field experience and best-practices in consulting, deployment, training, support and licensing.


Add-on development

Do you have special requirements to satisfy your team’s needs?

Our software developers have already made numerous high-quality plugins and they are keen to provide help in building a customized add-on to you as well. What McDonalds, Boeing and Renault Racing Team love about our Jira plugins? Find out now!


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