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JExcel PRO

JExcel PRO

Jira Powered by Excel 2.0

JExcel PRO is a super fast issue editor that wants to make Jira more familiar to business users who have got used to Excel or spreadsheets.

Moreover it can also be a great tool for professionals who are looking for an easier way to edit bulk issues or to filter like in Excel!

JExcel PRO


Seamless Jira Export/Import

Create or modify multiple issues extremely fast or simply export them even with comments, images or attachments in XLS or HTML

Seamlessly integrated into Issue Navigator, ImpEx has been developed for those who only need the import and export functions of JExcel PRO.

PassMan Connector

PassMan Connector

Super secure login-links in Jira

PassMan is the secure way to store business credentials and manage users’ permissions all around your business!

Connect Jira, Insight and PassMan to provide adequate protection for your credentials instead of using simple text passwords!

KRONOS Timesheets

KRONOS Timesheets

Worklogs and reports

Create and manage worklogs and create meaningful team or individual reports manually or automatically

KRONOS Timesheets is an exceptional timetracking and reporting tool!. Feel free to give it a try!

Easy Project Creator (EPC)

Easy Project Creator (EPC)

Easy Projects for Non-Admins

EPC enables non-admin users to create projects on their own without the risk of creating unnecessary configuration objects. Benefits:

  • admins enables the user groups;
  • reduced pressure on admins;
  • more independent non-admins.

Easy Project Creator

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