Atlassian Cloud & Data Center Migration

Do you have an Atlassian server product? Get ready for change!

Atlassian will end new server license sales and cease any new feature development for its server products from February, 2021.

Licenses concerned: Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Jira Work Management, Bitbucket, Crowd, Bamboo, Atlassian apps, Marketplace apps.

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Atlassian migration for 65$/hr

Atlassian Cloud Migration

Let’s move to the cloud! Here is our guide!

1. Assess

We will analyze your user basis, projects, add-ons and integrations.

2. Plan

Migration project iteration will be defined by involving stakeholders.

3. Rationalization

We will develop your workflows, clean your data and simplify your system.

4. Development

Development and testing is carried out in several iterations by our certified Atlassian experts.

5. User test

After handing over the system, stakeholders can test usability further.

6. Migration

Data and users are moved to the cloud and any issues are resolved.

Atlassian Data Center Migration

Our team will guide you through the journey.

1. Installation

We will ensure the smooth implementation of the Atlassian Data Center environment by analyzing both your business requirements and technical needs, so that technology can be used to reach your goals in the long run.

2. Migration

Are you ready to move? As Atlassian Gold Solution Partners, we provide support to your team in the smooth transition to the Atlassian Data Center platform in accordance to your existing data and business needs.

3. Support

Our certified Atlassian team is not only available for Data Center migration projects, but they can also provide help in implementing new systems, consulting, supporting and training both at user and admin levels.

4. Customization

Achieve your full potential by benefiting from our Atlassian add-ons, which make it easy to fully customize your system. Our Marketplace Top Vendor team will help you leverage the true value of the Atlassian Data Center.

Which platform to choose? We are here to help!

Condition Note
Users  If you have a large user base (> 20.000), Data Center platform is your solution.
Reliability Both platforms are designed for high performance and availability, but a certain level of knowledge is essential to provide the right level of service in case of opting the Data Center platform.
Instance complexity If Jira instance configuration is complex and simplification is not possible, Data Center is the safest choice.
Number of add-ons If you have many Marketplace add-ons (>15pcs), moving to the cloud can be a bigger challenge.
Compliance If you have to meet such compliance requirements as HIPAA, then Data Center migration is your single option.
Data storage Both Cloud and Data Center can be an option.

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