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Atlassian consulting


Atlassian put high emphasis on accepting only mature companies into the ranks of Atlassian Gold Solution Partners who already proved their worth on field.

What does it mean for YOU?

  • Potentially lower prices compared to stock prices if you buy Atlassian Products from us
  • Certified expertise when it comes to
    • licensing
    • installation, maintenance
    • performance tuning
    • custom plugin development


Our strong background in System Integration, Installation and Maintenance, Software Development, and Hosting guarantees that we can be your only Atlassian partner you’ll ever need.

We believe that a good partnership always begins with a thorough analysis of the business needs. Impressed by how well we can understand their real needs we usually work together with our partners for years, continuously providing them with our suggestions, improvements, custom plugin developments.

Focusing on a long term cooperation, our goal is always to provide you only the products and services you really need at that point of time.

We help you to get the most of
your Atlassian products
for your investment!


Licensing, installation, configuration of Atlassian products

As certified Atlassian Solution Partners we can deal with all the Atlassian products when it comes to their

  • licensing
  • installation
  • maintenance
  • configuration
  • performance tuning
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Agile Software Development with Atlassian

Our Agile software development team has been working with Atlassian products for years. We have gathered lots of experiences how to get the most out of the Atlassian products when it comes to Agile.

The main building blocks of an Agile development tool-set are

  • JIRA (issue tracker)
  • JIRA Agile (Scrum/Kanban extension)
  • Tempo Timesheets (time management)
  • Tempo Planner (resource management)
  • Confluence (Wiki)
  • Bamboo (continous integration)
  • Stash (git code repository)
  • HipChat (team communication)

Normally it takes a considerable amount of time to learn how to integrate all of these efficiently.

If you contact us we can introduce you not just to this tool-set but to the intricacies of how to build up an efficient Agile team from ground up.

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Business applications of JIRA and Confluence (HR, Finance, CRM, etc.)

JIRA and Confluence with their plugins are well known in Software Development as reliable products for issue tracking and project management.

The same qualities that make this tool-set so trusted in these areas – endless customization possibilities, great performance and availability – also make it an ideal candidate to setup Business Applications like HR (recruitment), Finance, CRM solutions.

Considering purchasing an HR application or hiring a development team to develop one to your special needs?

We can offer you a way cheaper solution based on Atlassian Products!

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