Sept 15, 2019

Get the Most out of JExcel with These 7 Tricks

Have you been using JExcel to enhance your Jira software’s capabilities? By providing more useful features and having an intuitive interface, JExcel gives Jira that extra oomph to make it even more powerful than it already is. Read on and discover 7 tricks you can use in JExcel to get the most out of your software.

As the name might have you think, JExcel is an issue editor with features similar to the popular Excel program. By highlighting Excel’s UI attributes, JExcel makes Jira more familiar and accessible to those who know Excel, but not Jira. JExcel offers a whole host of popular actions, like Excel-like editing, sorting, and filtering, tracking change history of cells, bulk issue creation, importing and exporting, and collaboration. And to top it off, as a plugin JExcel is easy to integrate with Jira.

Do more with JExcel

There are seven tricks, some of which are only available in JExcel’s PRO version, you can use do to make the most of the program. Save time and energy with features specifically created so users can have a seamless experience when working with Jira.

1. Excel-like filtering

If you’ve tried filtering in Jira, you already know that involves using long and sometimes complicated codes. Although Jira provides a friendlier filtering method that involves checkboxes and searching, more time than not you’ll still need to resort back to those dreaded codes. In JExcel, avoid that hassle and quickly select from a dropdown menu that shows what needs to be filtered.

2. Creating calculated columns (Only in PRO)

Create calculated columns in JExcel to operate fast calculations. Doing this in Jira requires making a new custom field that involves the help of an administrator. Skip the extra steps and create your own calculated fields by giving your column a new name, refer to the “Time Spent” column, and then multiply it with a constant number. A quick snap of your fingers and the new calculated column is ready.

3. Cell history (Only in PRO)

Make the information you need from a cell’s history more digestible by filtering irrelevant information. In Jira, the activity menu includes the entire history of a particular issue and extra details that make understanding data complicated. In JExcel, right-click the cell and select “Open cell history” to have a clear idea of what’s happened with just a particular cell. View the history of it without seeing the history of the entire issue.

4. Fast Filter (Only in PRO)

Speaking of making information more accessible, use super-fast filtering for a single value by using pressing ALT and left click at the same time.

5. Bulk change with copy-paste

Editing more than one issue is time-consuming and a long four-step process in Jira. In JExcel, quickly copy your issue type and paste it for a fast and easy experience. Transfer data between programs couldn’t be any easier.

6. Importing – creating bulk issues

JExcel easily creates bulk issues with a copy-paste function. Simply copy your data from Excel (Crtl + C), open the import dialog in JExcel (Ctrl + M), and just paste (Crtl + P). Talk about a quick and seamless operation.

7. Exporting issues

Exporting issues is a challenge when it comes to Jira. JExcel alleviates these problems by allowing you to export more than 1000 issues, export to XLS, and export comments and attachments. Check the drop-down menu and select “Export,” check the appropriate details and voila, your issues are ready to export. With JExcel Pro have the option to export comments, images, and attachments as well.

Enhance Jira with JExcel

Created by MORESIMP, a top vendor on the Atlassian Marketplace, JExcel is used by a range of companies, from small local businesses to international conglomerates. Notable users include Disney, T-Mobile, Cisco, Deloitte, and Microsoft to name a few. By making Jira more accessible to non-Jira users, JExcel offers an opportunity for companies to keep their teams involved and on the same page while honing the powerful capabilities of Jira.

JExcel is offered as two types of editions, JExcel Pro and JExcel Lite. While both make it their goal to make Jira more familiar to Excel-using business users and to make it easier to perform bulk editing or filtering tasks, JExcel Pro gives you even more options beyond technical capabilities. From easier project or workbook creation to exporting to enhanced import and export capacity to collaboration, JExcel Pro also features priority support from a friendly and reliable service team.

Explore Lite versus Pro options to see what you need, use the above seven tricks, and see the full potential of JExcel for yourself. Try it today.

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