Custom needs? Special features?

Custom software development



Our all-senior team is well armed with IT and business knowledge, serious expertise, and great equipment to realize your ideas.

MORESIMP as a company and our individual employees have been involved in a wide variety of projects.

  • Web/Mobile applications (including startups)
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Atlassian Plugin Development

We are not just a team to hire to do the job, we continuously think with you, understand your business goals and help you to get the most value for your money.


You may have heard of Agile development, most probably half-truths. Never mind, you do not have to believe in anything else but your idea!
We’ll make you believe in our Agile ways not preaching about them but

  • Preparing an initial plan (time, scope, budget) of your project for FREE!
  • Delivering WORKING product every 2 weeks with its codebase.
  • Giving you detailed financial and project reports every 2 weeks.
  • Developing not only your software but your product as well, providing you with new ideas, giving you suggestions based on our past experiences and the trends we see

With our Agile processes and practices you will have full control over your project while getting value every 2 weeks.

Not satisfied with us?
You can terminate our partnership anytime you want,
the working software and its codebase are still yours to keep!

Areas of expertise

Web/Mobile application development

Do you need a plain and simple company website? Then do NOT turn to us. We focus on complex Java and Android based web and mobile applications that require our all-senior team.

Technologies we leverage here are

  • Java SE, Spring framework
  • HTML5, CSS, JS, Angular.js, JQuery
  • Android
  • RDMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.), NO-SQL databases (Mongo DB, etc.)

Enterprise software development

Working on startups and on our own products is “cool”, but enterprise solution development can be just as “cool” or even more challenging in lots of cases.

Do you need tight integration with legacy systems? Do you still have to use EJBs? Company policies make it impossible to use out-of-the-box solutions? We can understand the nature of these problems and can deal with them with ease!


Atlassian plugin development

Beside general software development we have a great team for this special area of Atlassian plugin development as well.

Do you like JIRA or Confluence but you would need customized behavior in certain cases?

We can analyze your problem and provide a custom plugin for you if necessary or just let you know how to adjust your system so that it can meet your needs.


Agile Coaching

We are not afraid of sharing our experiences and know-how on how to build up a working Agile Team from the ground up.

Would you like to establish your own great Agile team that works just as efficiently as ours?

You already have a development team and you do not understand why they can’t provide you with quality software solutions as fast as you would expect?

Let us help you!

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