Bring Excel-like Editing into Your Jira

Why Do You Need Excel UI in Jira?

When you start using Jira, it will seem a confusing software at first! You need time to understand how it works and to be able to interpret the structure of the data. What if you could make advantage of your previous Excel experiences?

You may know the traditional Jira UI is not enough for your team in any case, because users need a lot of time to learn the software’s interface and as the team’s needs grow you will face many difficulties too. For example: a label is associated with a piece of data, but you should see more data with more details! Some users need at least 2 years to be able to handle Jira with confidance! But with an easy hack you can get the most out of Jira at the beginning and prevent problems that arise later!

Because you know how Excel works, you should make advantage from this experiment. The solution is an Excel-like editor in Jira! You don’t have to learn ages, you can finish your task as soon as possible. Your work is going to be more and more effective. Why? Because you can edit related data in lines, just like in Excel!

Work in Jira Just Like in Excel!

Our Excel-like Jira app JExcel PRO has became a must-have plugin during the years for small to global companies as well whoes need to keep performance on a very high level with the lowest investment and stress!

JExcel PRO increase your performance quickly, and reduce your costs even in short term! Now we especially suggest you to purchase JExcel PRO, because 20% discount is available until the end of September (Data Center purchases only)!

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JExcel PRO include features like:

  • Spreadsheet view,
  • Real in-line editing,
  • Excel-like tabs,
  • Freeze, hide/unhide or move columns (by drag&drop),
  • Create issue in new row,
  • Sort and filter data in columns,
  • Super fast usage
  • Copy-paste issues and values (in the app or from/to Excel)
  • Import and update
  • Export with attachments, all comments
  • Effective fast filtering (one-click on cell’s value)
  • Collaboration
  • and much more!

We Are Proud of Our Customers!

JExcel PRO is used by 100k users every day, it helps work with Jira’s data easily while giving familiar UI and features to Excel in Jira! Our customer base include well known companies such as Vodafone, Disnep, Fujitsu, EA and more! Join JExcel users to take your Jira’s performance to the next level!

We are constantly developing JExcel based on customers’ needs, in which all our customers participate! We are forming a community to maintain effective project management together!

Increase your performance with JExcel PRO!

Make advantage of your Excel experiences!