JExcel LITE provides you an Excel-like UI!

It enables you to…

  • Create/Edit/Delete issues like in Excel
  • Sort and filter like in Excel
  • Import issues from MS Excel
  • Copy-paste values from/to MS Excel
  • AVG/COUNT/SUM of cells
  • …and many more!

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Features in detail

Helpful links

  • You can compare JExcel LITE and JExcel PRO.
  • Try JExcel PRO without installation on our demo site.
  • Download it from the Atlassian Marketplace!
  • Report a bug or request a new feature.
  • JExcel in the Cloud? Learn more about our hosting solution!

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JExcel PRO provides lots of premium features and with Priority Support you can have your reported bugs fixed within 1 week (with hotfix releases) and get lightning fast response times. 

JExcel PRO is rapidly evolving while already offers:

  • Export to MS Excel/HTML (with comments, images and attachments)
  • Change history of cells
  • Google Spreadsheets-like collaboration

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