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JExcel PRO User’s Favorite

Check out the six features our PRO users like and use the most.

Real-time Collaboration

All Inclusive Export

Transparent Change History

Import Easily from MS Excel

Quicklinks for Comments

Create Calculated Columns

6 reasons Why You WIll like JExcel PRO

We are aware of your needs
and always develop JExcel accordingly.

Real-time Collaboration

You can invite people to work with you on workbooks and see who is working on a workbook right now. Users can also connect one another.

All Inclusive Export

Easily export your issues along with comments, images and attachments.

Transparent Change History

Need information about previous changes? You can always check out who changed what (and when) on a particular cell.

Easy import from MS Excel

You can easily bulk create issues or move them from you test instance into the production environment.

Quicklinks for Comments

Don’t waste time figuring out what belongs to what. Double-clicking on the comment cell will open the comment section of the sidebar.

Create Calculated Columns

The easier the better. Create calculated columns that will help you count with existing numeric columns.

We Appreciate Your Praise

``Really nice tool for landing non-IT people into Jira.``- Katerina Kolina, StiltSoft
So far we have used Excel for everything, and I was very happy to find an add-on that I can use without knowing much about coding. Thanks for creating this add-on!- Andreas Teubler
``Excellent plugin for any project manager.``- Przemyslaw Chudzinsky

JExcel LITE VS. JExcel PRO

Compare the features of the LITE and PRO versions
and decide which one fits your project more.

You can edit all the cells (issue fields) inline.


You can filter and sort without JQL knowledge just like in MS Excel.


You can copy paste values or even whole issues internally and also to/from Excel.


You can see the Average/Count/Sum of selected cells just like in MS Excel.


You can rename, resize and freeze any column.


It lets every user have a unique view of their workbook without affecting other users of the given workbook.


You can color the title of your workbooks.


You can flag issues with more colors like in MS Outlook.


You can see the number of Comments and Attachments for an issue in 2 special
JExcel columns. Double-clicking on them will automatically open the sidebar section.


Only the authorized users can open your workbooks since their visibility are inherited from the filter of the given workbook.


You can visualize your numeric columns with databars just like in MS Excel.


See the Minimum, Maximum, Average or Sum of each numeric column.


You can create a new project (and a new workbook at the same time) by copying the configuration of an existing one.


You can export issues from JExcel to MS Excel or to HTML with comments, images and attachments.


You can import issues from MS Excel into JExcel.


You will be able to make simple calculations in JExcel. Just like you would do in a spreadsheet.


A brand new and extremely fast data filtering method. Hold „Alt” and „Left-click” in a cell to easily filter by its data.


You can see the change history of a particular cell.


You can invite people to work with you on workbooks and see who is working on a workbook right now.


Your bug reports and feature requests come first!

Are you in love with JExcel PRO?

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$50.00per year
  • Excel-like sorting and filtering
  • Tab coloring
  • Aggregation row for columns
  • And many more

JExcel PRO

$105.00per year
  • Fast filter for columns
  • “Change history” of cells
  • Collaboration
  • Priority support

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