Copy-paste between Excel and JIRA

Copy-Paste cells or whole issues

With JExcel PRO you can copy and paste your issues from Excel to JIRA and back! It makes archiving and creating issues much faster!

Importing and exporting are also possible!

In JExcel PRO it is also possible to export more than 1000 issues with attachments, images, comments to Excel or HTML. Excel-import is also possible.

And many more!

JExcel PRO is not only a great issue importer or exporter! It also provides you an Excel-like interface within JIRA with many Excel-like features.

What is JExcel PRO?

An Excel-like issue editor that provides you an Excel-like UI in JIRA with extra features!

It enables you to…

  • Create/Edit/Delete issues like in Excel
  • Sort and filter like in Excel
  • Import issues from MS Excel
  • Copy-paste values from/to MS Excel
  • AVG/COUNT/SUM of cells … and many more!

As exclusive features also in JExcel PRO…

  • Enhanced Export (with attachments, images, comments)
  • Collaboration
  • Cell History
  • Priority Support (bugfixes within a week!)
  • More frequent releases