Import or export your issues from/to JIRA

Import issues

Import your issues from Excel to JIRA by copy and pasting them. It takes only a few seconds and works perfectly with Excel/Notepad.

Export issues

Export your issues from JIRA to Excel or HTML. It is also possible to export attachments, images, comments into a well organized ZIP file!

And many more!

JExcel PRO provides you an Excel-like interface within JIRA with many features.

What is JExcel PRO?

An Excel-like issue editor that provides you an Excel-like UI in JIRA with extra features!

It enables you to…

  • Create/Edit/Delete issues like in Excel
  • Sort and filter like in Excel
  • Import issues from MS Excel
  • Copy-paste values from/to MS Excel
  • AVG/COUNT/SUM of cells … and many more!

As exclusive features also in JExcel PRO…

  • Enhanced Export (with attachments, images, comments)
  • Collaboration
  • Cell History
  • Priority Support (bugfixes within a week!)
  • More frequent releases