Protect Passwords in Jira with PassMan!

Unburden Your Employees, Avoid Data Breach

Password Manager for Jira

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Companies often warn users not to store passwords in Jira. It’s also risky to rely on users to manage company passwords themselves. Although you can add your identity provider to Atlassian and use your own password policy, managing shared passwords requires a different solution. The passwords you store in Jira can be accessed by others who shouldn’t see these secrets.


Store passwords in PassMan Password Manager to be able to use super secure login links instead of plain text passwords in Jira. We guarantee that only users with the right permission will access the passwords! Unleash your potential with the first Privileged Access Manager integrated into Jira!

Make Password Management Simple with PassMan!

  • Keep passwords secure – PassMan manages, rotates and stores your passwords in a dedicated vault with the highest encryption.
  • Control access – Permission-based access allows team members to see only the secrets they need to complete their work
  • Unburden you IT team – let your IT team focus on real developments instead of managing passwords
  • Meet compliance – secure login, session recording, password sharing, reports and alerts help meeting regulatory standards
  • Simplify your business – by deploying a transparent password management system, you can control the most valuable assets that keep the company running day to day

Do not have Jira?

PassMan can be used as a standalone solution!

PassMan is More Than a Password Manager!

Protect privileged accounts with revolutionary access manager!

Available on the Atlassian Marketplace!


The peace of mind PassMan offers is truly invaluable!

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