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PassMan – Privileged Password Management

Passman stores the passwords encrypted and changes them automatically which makes all business operations more secure and helps you comply the GDPR requirements!

Passwords, private and public keys are encrypted in the most modern encryption technology, so it is nearly impossible to be de-encrypted.

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JExcel – The Power of Excel in Jira

Jira is a brilliant issue tracker on its own and also a great platform to host HR, financial and other business applications as well. However some may find that its vocabulary (issues, filters, links) and its practices fit better to Software Development teams than to Business users.

JExcel gives your JIRA an Excel-like user interface and vocabulary making Jira immediately familiar to business people.

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Issue Navigator Plus for Jira

Issue Navigator Plus gives you an Excel-like view for Issue Navigator in Jira!

With it you can edit, sort and filter multiple (bulk) like you would do in Excel! It’s much easier to sort and filter Excel-like than with JQLs.

Issue Navigator Plus is continuously evolving but it already provides unique features like

  • Super fast issue edition
  • Copy-paste
  • Excel like column filtering and sorting
  • Dealing with thousands of issues without page reload (paging, filtering, sorting)
  • Column freeze

We strongly recommend to use a Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser!

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Plangle – A Pre-Plan Mode for Jira Software

Plangle gives you Excel-like issue editing for your Backlog and lightweight agile planning functions for your Jira software projects.

With our agile planning feature we’ll help you get the correct answers for the 5 big questions:

  • What would the ideal team structure be?
  • How fast will we be? – based on historical data or your own estimations
  • When will all the Stories be completed?
  • How much will it cost you?
  • What will be ready until the deadline?

Our answers are easy-to-follow and easy-to-explain to your management, we want all stakeholders of your project to understand it after 2 minutes of explanation.

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ImpEx for Jira

ImpEx is a great tool for exporting and importing issues in a way that is more “business friendly” and easier to use.

It lets you import issues from any standard business tool like Excel or Notepad.

It also lets you export issues to Excel or PDF. But that is not all. It handles attachments, images and comments and formats exports in a human-readable format that makes sense at first glance.

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Report Fix for JIRA Agile

Using this plugin you can fix your JIRA Agile reports (Sprint Report, Burn-down chart, Velocity report, etc.) that show wrong values with 1 click when

  • You added a Story into a running Spring but forgot to estimate it before
  • You changed the estimation of a Story in a running Sprint

All the changes can be reverted with another single click!

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Copy Quick Filters for Jira Software

The age of slowly copy & pasting each quick filter query is over. With our plugin managing your Quick Filters in Jira Software is just a few clicks away.

Reach and edit your Quick Filters with only 1 click!

Copy your existing filters to any Jira Software Board!

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simpTASK – Simple Project Management

With simpTASK you can always be in control.

Your projects consist of hundreds of tasks, sub-tasks, and sub-tasks of those sub-tasks? You would like to get a detailed overview on who, when and what did on those tasks of your projects?

simpTASK is a lightweight answer for complex project management challenges.

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simpXS – All employee data is available with only one click

SimpXS gathers data about fellow employees and assigned devices from different Excel spreadsheets so that all the information can be in one place while stored in a simple and safe way.

You can check what changes were made by who to your employee data any time.

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simpSLM – A clear overview of the status of your SLAs

A cloud enabled award winning solution to manage and measure your KPIs.

You can measure if your company serves your customers on the right level and if your partners do the same.

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simpIDM – Employee account management across the whole IT infrastructure

It can cause a lot of trouble for larger firms to find an effective way to manage the accounts of their employees in the company infrastructure.

simpIDM provides quick and easy answers for questions like

  • How to give role-based access to company infrastructure to a new employee?
  • How to manage the permissions of an employee if they move to another project or their role changes in a project?
  • How to revoke all the permissions of an employee who is leaving the company?
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simpISO – A smart and logical structure for your quality standards

Complying to an ISO or other standard can be beneficial whereas challenging to most of the companies.

Fully reading through and understanding a complete standard can be extremely time consuming, boring and most importantly, completely unnecessary for each employee.

simpISO helps your employees to understand their roles in projects. It makes their responsibilities and the rules they have to follow clear for them, without overloading them with the 500+ pages of the standard.

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