The proper replacement of the XLS export
removed for JIRA 7.2

Export to XLS - even in JIRA 7.2

Although Atlassian removed the XLS export functionality from JIRA 7.2. with ImpEx you can still continue exporting your issues into MS Excel.

Export even attachments, images or comments

Not only XLS but also HTML export is possible! It is also possible to export more than 1000 issues even with attachments, images, comments into a well organized ZIP file!

Import from MS Excel or notepad

ImpEx is not only a great issue-exporter but it is also proper tool to imort from MS Excel or even Notepad.

What is ImpEx?

A JIRA add-on that helps you to import and export from/to MS Excel in the most intuitive way.

It enables you to import in a unique way:

  • import your issues with a very intuitive dialog
  • even from XLS or Notepad

It enables you to export to XLS or HTML:

  • even with images, comments, attachments
  • even over 1000 issues